Invite a Firm to the Litify Referral Network (Web App)

Inviting partner firms to the Litify Referral Network is an important step to grow your referral business. To invite a firm to the LRN, you have to send them a referral. This guide is for inviting firms with the Referrals Web App platform.


1. Click New Referral in the upper-right corner.

2. The "New Referral - Client & Case" window opens. Fill out the case information. Click Next.


3. The "New Referral - Handling Firm" window opens. Enter the firm's name in the Firm, Attorney or Contact Name field. Click Click here to send this referral and invite them to Litify Referrals.


4. Fill out the firm's information in the "Invite Firm to Litify" window. Click Invite.



5. Complete the referral as you would any other referral. Click Invite and Send Referral to complete this process.

The success window confirms you sent the referral and invite. The invited firm receives an automated email so they can view the referral and join the Litify Referral Network.


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