Release Notes

Latest Version: 20.1001

Release Date:  01/13/2020

Installation URL

Sandbox URL:

New Features

Settlement Calculator

  • A Damage Type column has been added to the Damages table.
  • A Payee field and column has been added to the Expense Object and Expenses table. 

These fields must be added to the page layout after installing the release. 

Matter Tasks

  • Matter Tasks have a new user interface. 
  • Users can now edit the Color, Subject, Assignee, and Status of a task directly within the rows of the task table.
  • Users can filter tasks based on owner, status, and stage. 
  • Check out this user guide for more information on task actions and filtering.

Update your Matter Lightning Record Page layout with the Inline Task Inline Editor and the Matter Plan Status component to use the new UI.

Injuries & Treatments 

  • The Injuries & Treatments object has been added and is available on Intakes.
  • Users can record multiple injuries, their treatment statuses, as well as add pain levels.
  • Check out our user guide for more information. 
Update your Intakes Lightning Record Page layout with the Injury Mass Edit component to use the new Injuries & Treatments object. 


  • Resolved issue where adding Task Sets to a matter plan’s stage would occasionally throw a component error. 
  • You now have the ability to create an event whitelist so that specific jurisdiction and trigger combinations will only generate a specific list of events (instead of every single event that would be available for that jurisdiction + trigger). See this Calendar Rules: How to Whitelist Events article for steps on how to complete this fix.
  • Creating intakes and parties through the API now consistently captures the source input values for all ingested records.
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