Add a questionnaire to a matter to continuing gathering information about a case or to complete a followup questionnaire. Add a questionnaire to ask specific questions depending on the direction the case takes. Before adding a questionnaire, review the questionnaire overview, planning a questionnaire, and creating a questionnaire guides.

Intake Questionnaires

Questionnaires from the intake carry over to the matter, so you can locate all questionnaires in one place. Questionnaires you add to a matter are also stored on the related intake. You can map fields from matter questionnaires to the intake record if you need to update intakes.

Here's how:

1. Navigate to the Questionnaire component on a matter. Make sure you edit your lightning page to add the multipleQuestionnairesComponent to your matter record lightning page. 

2. Click the button next to your current questionnaires.


3. Select the questionnaire from the dropdown list. Click Add. The new questionnaire opens. 


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