Create a Custom Formula Field to Reference Another Field Value

Create custom formula fields on the party object that reference other field values to use in search results for parties. Custom formula fields allow you to distinguish between parties with similar names and information.

In this example, we'll create a custom formula field referencing the entire Billing Address of the party, then add it to the search results. Follow this guide or create a formula that references any other field.

1. Navigate to Setup > Party > Fields & Relationships.

2. In Data Type, click Formula. Click Next.

3. Complete Step 2.

a. Name the field in Field Label. In this example, we named the field "Custom Billing Address."
b. Select the Text formula return type.
c. Click Next.


4. In Step 3, enter the field this custom field will reference. In this example, the custom field references the entire Billing Address using this formula: BillingStreet & ", " & BillingCity & ", " & BillingState & ", " & BillingPostalCode

a. Paste the above formula into the formula field, or create your own field reference using the above syntax for separate fields or individual fields.
b. Click Next.


5. Choose which profiles can see this field. Click Next.


6. Choose page layouts for this field. Click Save.

7. Follow this guide to add your new custom field to Search Results for the party object. In the image below, we can clearly differentiate between parties with the same name via our new custom field.


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