Field mapping is the process of automatically populating a field with a value or updating a field to new value. Set field mapping in questionnaires and case qualification criteria to automatically update field values based on rules and criteria.


In a questionnaire, map Billing Address field based on a question about the potential client's address.
In CQC, update the mapping of the Status field to Turned Down based on the answer to a question.

This guide covers mapping in questionnaires and CQC and considerations about mapping date/time fields.


Mapping in Questionnaires

When you're adding questions to questionnaires, you can map a question's answer to a specific field on the record, so the answer auto-populates the selected field in the Mapping dropdown.

For example, if your question is "When did this automobile accident occur?" and the answer type is Date-Time, you can map this question to the Incident Date field. 

Mapping answers allows you to integrate information in a case directly from questionnaires. Question answers are added to fields on the intake or matter record.

Selections in the Mapping dropdown list are dependent on the answer type of the selected question. For example, you can map questions with the Date answer type to the fields that use the Date data type.



Mapping in CQC

You can set CQC rules to map any Field with a corresponding Value depending on the criteria you create. For example, if a question is answered in a particular way on a questionnaire, you can map any corresponding value to any field in Litify.

With mapping on CQC you have control over extensive automation processes when qualifying intakes. You can map numerous fields with different values based on many different criteria.

As with questionnaires, the options in the Value dropdown list are dependent on the selected field. In the image below, the status field on the intake includes only status values on the intake.



Mapping Date/Time Fields

Mapping Date/Time fields in questionnaires and CQC sets the time according to the user's time zone.

Let's say a CQC is fired and a date/time mapping occurs: Incident Date on the intake is February, 21, 2018 at 3:00pm. The value assigned will be '21 feb 2018 03:00' in the user's time zone. This might cause an issue if the incident occurred in a different time zone than the user's settings.

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