What is a Default Matter Team?

Default Matter Teams (Default_Matter_Team__c) exist as an object that allow firms to automatically assign predefined groups of users to new matters with a particular lead attorney. The possible roles within matter teams are defined by the Matter Team Roles object.

Default Matter Teams provide the basic team framework for certain case types. You can later modify them to fit the particular needs of cases. A default Matter Team might be composed of an attorney, a case manager, and a paralegal. Structure default Matter Teams to suit your case needs.

When Should I Create a Default Matter Team? 

Create default Matter Teams when you are building and defining your Matters processes on Litify. Matter Plans, Matter Tasks, and Default Matter Teams all work together to give you the tools to manage cases efficiently. Build Matter Teams for specific case types your firm handles so you can predetermine the users and roles that appear on these cases. For example, if your firm often handles Workers' Compensation cases, you can build a Default Matter Teams for that case type.

When Can I Select a Default Matter Team?

You can select a default matter team on the Open Matter window when you open a matter from an intake, or add one to your matter on the Matter Team component.

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