Default Matter Tasks automatically appear on a Matter stage when you enable auto-add settings. We recommend that most firms enable both of these auto-add Task settings.

If you do not enable either of these settings, you must manually add all default Matter Tasks to Matter stages. Additionally, you must set due dates on Matter Tasks so they work with auto-add Task settings.

Access Auto-add Task settings by clicking the app launcher > Click 'Litify Setup' > Click 'Settings' > Click 'Auto-Add Task'


There are two settings:

Auto-add Task to active Matter Plan stage

Toggle this 'ON' to automatically add default Matter Tasks to a stage when a user clicks 'Mark as Current Stage' on a Matter stage, and the due date of the Task is known.

Auto-add Tasks when relevant dates are known

Toggle this on to add default Matter Tasks to the active stage when the field the Task due date references is populated. Following the above example, let's say the Due Date is based on the Incident Date field on the Matter. Perhaps the Incident Date field is not populated until later in the case. When the field is populated, the Task will be automatically added to the stage.



  • Child Tasks—Tasks which are created when another Task is completed—are not controlled by these settings:
    • Child Tasks may be generated across stages
    • Child Tasks cannot be disabled except by changing the Due Date Type of the relevant Default Matter Task to something other than 'Task Completed'
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