Add Related Lists on Role Record Pages

Note: This article explains how to customize related lists on Role record pages. To customize related lists (or page layouts) within the Roles component, see the Roles Component Admin Guide.

Add related lists to custom page layouts to access related records in context with roles. Related lists allow users to capture important case information and records in a contextualized location. This simplifies case management and lets users work on cases faster.

You can add any related list for custom or standard objects to store the information you need in a case. In this image, the Expenses, Negotiations, and Requests related lists are stored beneath the Attorney role:



This guide

Follow this guide to add related lists to existing role page layouts. You can also create custom page layouts for role categories to further specify the related lists following this guide.


Add Related Lists to Role Categories

1. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Role object.

2. On the Role object, click Page Layouts in the left sidebar.

3. Click the layout you are editing. You might have multiple page layouts and assignments based on profile and record type. Select the page layout you are editing. In this example, we use the Intake Role Layout for all intake roles, so every role will display the selected record types.


4. On the page layout, navigate to the Related Lists section. Drag and drop related lists onto the Related Lists section. Click Save.

• To add more related lists in this section, follow this guide.

In this example, we're adding the Medical Bills and Notes & Attachments related lists to our role summary.


5. Locate the related lists in the Role Summary section of a role. Access this section with this button: User-added image.


6. You can now create records and view associated records alongside roles.


Related Lists and Record Types

Related lists for role categories are displayed based on the page layout and profile assigned to the record type. Follow this guide to create a custom record type to display related lists based on role category. For example, if you create a record type for the Attorney category, you can create a page layout that contains only related lists relevant to attorneys.

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