This guide includes configuration updates for the Take Action Release, including new page layouts, objects, and fields. We're building Litify to give you more features out-of-the-box, so you can quickly implement new objects, fields, and page layouts for best practices. This is part of our initiative to equip firms with everything they need before using Litify and while using Litify. With every release, we will add configuration changes to expand your capabilities and provide more ready-to-use configuration options.

We recommend you make use of these new features, but they are not required setup steps for the Take Action Release.


Existing Litify Organizations

If you are updating your version of Litify to this release, you must configure some of these changes manually in your organization. This guide covers the suggested changes to enable these features in existing organizations.


Suggested Configuration for Take Action Release

The Take Action release includes new objects, fields, and page layouts designed for best practices on Litify. We suggest you review these new items and incorporate them into your Litify depending on your processes. This section covers the most important changes:

Edit your matters page layouts to include related lists for damage, insurance, request, and negotiation. These are the new objects in Litify.
• Edit your matters page layout to include new matters fields.
• Edit your apps to include the My Matters utility tool item.
This release includes several new page layouts for existing objects to improve the Litify package. These layouts are tailored for best practices on Litify. Assign these new page layouts for best practices.
• Grant users access to the new tabs via profiles.
• Grant access to new record types via profiles if you are not using Litify standard profiles, including the two record types for insurance object: health and liability.


Permission Sets

Permission sets contain access to the new objects and fields:
Power User permission set contains access to all new objects, including delete permissions.
Matter User permission set contains access to all new objects.
Intake User permission set contains access to the insurance object.


All Changes in Take Action Release

This section details every configuration change in the Take Action Release, organized by object.


Insurance object - captures information about insurance policies, providers, adjusters, and other insurance information.


Damage object - captures information about liens, medical bills, liabilities, providers, and other information about damages in a case.


Negotiation objectcaptures information about demands, offers, and related insurance records.


Request object - captures information about document requests that occur throughout a case, such as police reports, witness statements, and medical bills.


• Litify Individual (Take Action) page layout
• Litify Business (Take Action) page layout

• Edited Litify Compact Layout
Changed field label for Date of Birth
New Create Intake action (active record type) - Create an intake directly from a party. This action is on the Take Action layout for businesses and individuals. Assign this layout to access this action.


• Converted Intake Layout v7 page layout
Created compact layout for intake
• Changed label of Lightning Component Tab from Litify Actions to Actions



We added many new fields on matters. These are included in the new Take Action matter page layout. We suggest you use this layout or add these fields to your matters page layout. See this guide for adding fields and editing page layouts.

New fields:

• Case Title - title of the case
• Docket Number - docket number of the case
• Filed Date - date the matter was filed
• Total Damages -
Roll-up summary that summarizes all Amount Billed fields on every damage added to the matter.
• Closed Date - closing date of the matter
• Discharge Date - discharge date of the matter
• Pre - Lit Offer Amount
• Moved to Litigation - date the matter was moved to litigation
• Trial Date - date of the trial on the matter

Other updates:
• Created New Event Action
• Created Matter Compact Layout
• Updated Current Active Stage field label to Active Stage
• Updated Statute Of Limitations field label to Statute of Limitations
Updated Incident date field label to Incident Date
• Updated label of Lightning Component Tab from Litify Actions to Actions



• Created Take Action page layout

Referral Transaction

Created Take Action page layout


• Created Take Action page layout
Created Role compact layout
• Updated formula on Related Role Name

Default Matter Team Member

Created Take Action page layout 


Updated Dice Log label to DICE Log
Updated Dice Queue label to DICE Queue


• Created Event Type on Activity


Created active process called "Update Insurance Records When Matter is Created."


Created Matter Damages Report and saved it to Matters folder in Reports.

New Tabs

The Take Action release includes tabs to access new and existing objects. Grant users access to these tabs via profiles.

• Calendar Rules Custom tab
Damage tab
• Insurance tab
• Negotiation tab
• Request tab
• Default Matter Task tab
• Expense tab
• Matter Stage tab
• Matter Team Member tab
• Referral Transactions tab
• Roles tab
• Matter Stage Switch tab
• Expense Types tab


New Utility Components

• Created Recent Items utility component to navigate back to the most recent matters, intakes, and referrals you viewed.
Created My Matters utility component that contains all of the matters you own. Follow this guide to add this to your apps.


New icons

Follow this guide to change your tab styles to match the new icons.

• Insurance
• CQC Rule
• Stage
• Time Entry
• Referrals
• Matter Team Member
• Expense
• Questions
• Request
• Damage
• Matter
• Default Matter Task
• Calendar Rules
• Questionnaire
• Matter Plan
• Roles
• Referral Transaction
• Settings
• Negotiations
• DICE Queue
• Firm
• Source
• Case Type
• Default Matter Team
• Logs 
• DICE Logs

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