This guide covers important considerations you should have when building DICE queues.


Client field

DICE queues only access intakes and matters on which the Client field is populated by a party. Make sure all intakes and matters you want to access via DICE have this field populated.


Minutes Between Calls field

This field determines access to intake records based on DICE navigation. If you set five minutes between calls on a queue and someone clicks Next and navigates to the queue, then this intake will not appear on any DICE queue for the next five minutes. The timer begins the moment the user or intake agent clicks Next. This field depends entirely on navigation in DICE and not the Log a Call feature on the intake.

You can build a process to enable DICE queues to consider logged calls. See this article for more information about DICE and the Log a Call feature.


Timezone Considerations for Earliest and Latest Call Times

Set the time frame in which agents can call cases in the Earliest Call Time and Latest Call Time fields. Earliest Call Time and Latest Call Time fields are dependent on the area code of the phone number on the intake Phone field. Fill out the Phone field if you want to call people during hours of the day that are appropriate to their area code and timezone.

Note: DICE logic only respects area codes in the US. Intakes where the Phone's area code is not in the US are not filtered out based on the inferred time zone.

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