Setup Instructions for Take Action Release

Complete these setup steps when installing the Litify Take Action release

Delete these tabs in your organization

Review the tabs in your organization to make sure you do not have any of the below tabs. As a prerequisite to this release, you must delete these tabs prior to installation. We're introducing these tabs to give firms more ways to access data and organize Litify. Organizations that contain any of these tabs will not be able to install the Take Action Release until the tabs are deleted.

• Calendar Rules Custom tab
Damage tab
• Insurance tab
• Negotiation tab
• Request tab
• Default Matter Task tab
• Expense tab
• Expense Type tab
• Matter Stage tab
• Matter Team Member tab
• Referral Transactions tab
• Roles tab

Introducing new objects, layouts, fields, and more

This release includes damages, negotiations, requests, and insurances objects to help your firm better organize its data. In addition, we are including lots of new layouts, fields, and tabs that you can assign to your users at your discretion. Follow this guide to review the suggested configuration.


Many features in the Take Action Release use the MDAPI, including updates to Roles and Questionnaires. Set up the MDAPI with this guide to ensure that it works in your organization. 


Set up new Questionnaire Toolkit to allow search on the Question, Questionnaire, and Case Qualify Criteria

The new Questionnaire Toolkit requires you to allow search on these objects. This ensures that you are able to search for these objects when opening them from the Questionnaire Toolkit. Verify that you have "Allow Search" checked on each of these objects.

1. In Setup, navigate to Object Manager > Question > Details. Click Edit in the upper-right corner.

2. Scroll all the way down to verify that Allow Search is checked. Click Save.

3. Complete this process for the Question, Questionnaire, and Case Qualify Criteria objects to ensure you can search for them in the new Questionnaire Toolkit.


Add fields on Search Layout to simplify searching for questions in the Questionnaire Toolkit

Searching for questions in the new Questionnaire Toolkit requires an update to the Search Layout on the Question object. By default, the search layout only displays the Question Name, which does not help you choose the correct question from search results. Edit the search layout to include the Question Label to make search results clear.

1. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Question > Search Layouts.

2. Click Edit within Search Results.


3. In Available Fields, select Question Label and click Add, then Save the Question Search Results.


4. Searching for questions on the new questionnaire builder now includes the question label:


Grant users access to the Questionnaire Toolkit tab

The Questionnaire Toolkit tab contains the updated Questionnaire Builder, CQC, and Question creation in one place. Grant access to users who need to build and edit questionnaires.

Two ways to grant access:
1. Grant users access to this tab with the Litify Power User permission set.
2. Edit the user's profile to grant access to this tab. Navigate to Setup > Profiles. Locate the profile you are editing. Within the profile, navigate to Object Settings > Questionnaire Toolkit. Set the Tab Settings to Default On.

Set up new Roles features

Follow these guides to set up the new Roles features:
Edit Fields Displayed in Role Information and Party Information - follow this guide to edit the standard fields displayed beneath each role in the new role summary
Use Categories to Customize Page Layouts - follow this guide to create page layouts for specific role categories, such as doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.
Add Related Lists on Roles - follow this guide to add related lists to custom role page layouts.

Set up Litify Actions in Process Builder

Follow this guide to build processes for Litify Actions:
Automate Litify Actions in Process Builder

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