Connect Two Related Matters with Companion Matters

Link two separate matters so you can access them from each matter and work on connected cases easily. If a case has two plaintiffs in a car accident, link the matters via Companion Matters so you can keep track of them. Use the Companion Matters Lightning Action or add the Companion Matters component to your matters page to view companion matters.


Companion Matters Lightning Action

1. Navigate to Object Manager > Matter > Page Layouts and locate your layout. Within Mobile & Lightning Actions, locate the Add Companion action and drag it onto the page layout:

2. On the matter, locate your new action in the top right. Click the down arrow in the top right and click Add Companion.

3. On the Companion Matters window, search for the related matter. Select the matter and click Add.


4. The Companion Matters window now contains the new linked matter. You can view and remove the companion matter from this window.

Add Companion Matters component to your matters page

For a quick view of companion matters, simply edit your matters page and add the companionMatters component.


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