Litify Actions are available depending on certain conditions. Many Litify Actions depend on the Status field of the Referral, Intake, or Matter. Other actions depend on previous actions. This article describes the required conditions for each Litify Action on Referrals, Intakes, and Matters. Read the Litify Actions overview for more information.


Litify Referrals Pro

Incoming Referrals

If the referral is incoming, there is no intake associated with the referral, and there is a referral transaction:

Investigate and Decline - If that transaction status is “Sent to Attorney,” then you can Investigate or Decline the referral. Note: After investigating a referral, you cannot decline it or turn it down until you open an intake from the referral. More information: Investigate a Received Referral on Referrals Pro.

Create Intake: Along with the conditions listed above, if that referral transaction is "Attorney Interested," then you can Create Intake. The "Attorney Interested" transaction status means you have investigated the referral. More information: Create an Intake from a Received Referral

Outgoing Referrals

If the referral is outgoing and the referral sync status is not dead or failed, then you can use the following actions.

Send - If there is no referral transaction or handling firm for the outgoing referral, you can send the referral. This action becomes available after a user selects Send to Admin when creating a referral. Administrators can send the referral.

Send Again or Give Up - If there is a referral transaction of "Cancelled" or "Expired" and the referral status is Cancelled or Expired, then you can use the Send Again or Give Up action. There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the Send Again action to send the referral to another firm. More information: Send an Expired or Turned Down Referral to Another Firm on Referrals Pro.


Litify Intakes

Sign Up - conditions:
• There must be a referral transaction and the last Referral Transaction Status must be Attorney Interested. “Attorney Interested” means a user has opened an intake from the referral.
• Additionally, the Referral field on the intake must be populated with the referral record.
• This action is available on new intakes with any status besides Signed Up. More information: Sign Up an Intake.

Action dependent on Sign Up:

Open Matter - First, if the intake began as a referral, its referral transaction must be Active. This means you have signed up the intake. Next, the intake status is not Converted. Next, no matter is created from the intake. If all of these are met, then you can open a matter from the intake.

Note: After opening a matter, you must delete the matter and change the intake status back to Open to use this action again. More information: Open a Matter from an Intake.

Turn Down - First, the intake status is not Turned Down, and it was not converted to a matter. Then either there must not be a related referral, or if there is a referral, it is incoming and the last referral transaction is "Attorney Interested." If an intake meets all of these criteria, then you can use the "Turn Down" action. More information: Turn Down an Intake.

Refer Out - First, there can be no referral record associated with the intake. You cannot refer out any intake that began as an incoming referral. Then, the status of the intake cannot be Converted, and there must be no matter record associated with the intake. If these are conditions are met, you can refer out the intake.

Note: After referring out an intake, you are not be able to refer it out again until you delete the outgoing referral record and change the intake's status to anything besides Referred Out. More information: Refer Out an Intake

Consult this table for intakes that did not originate as incoming referrals.

Status Available actions
Open Open Matter, Turn Down, Refer Out
Working Open Matter, Turn Down, Refer Out
Under Review Open Matter, Turn Down, Refer Out
Turned Down Open Matter, Refer Out
Referred Out Open Matter, Turn Down, Refer Out
Converted Turn Down


Litify Matters

Close Matter - This action is available on matters that have any status besides Closed. More information: Close a Matter.

Actions dependent on Close Matter:

Re-open Matter - This action is available when the status of the matter is Closed and the matter did not originate as a received referral. There can be no referral transaction in this case.

If the closed matter began as a referral:

Re-open Matter and Notify LRN - Both of these actions are available if the status of the matter is Closed and the matter has a referral transaction of cancelled, lost, verdict, settled, or expired.

Refer Out - You can refer out any matters that do not have a status of Closed, and did not originate as referrals from other firms. This changes the matter status to Closed. After referring out a matter, you cannot refer it again unless the handling firm turns down the referral and you change the status to Open. More information: Refer Out a Matter.

Consult this table for matter status and available actions.

Status Available actions
Open Close Matter, Refer Out
Closed Re-open, Notify LRN*
Pending Close Matter, Refer Out
Deferred Close Matter, Refer Out

*only if the matter began as an incoming referral

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