Add Events on Your Outlook and Litify Calendars

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With SmartCloud Connect on Litify, your Outlook and Litify calendars are synced bidirectionally. Add events on your Outlook or Litify calendar, invite multiple people, and review the events on both calendars. This integration ties together your important meetings and events, so you don't have to navigate to different calendars to keep track of your busy schedule.

Creating Events in Litify

Creating events in Litify — from the Activity Timeline on an intake, matter, or party record — is the best practice for event creation, as this will automatically associate the event with the record.

1. Create an event on the Activity Timeline of a Litify record. This event automatically syncs to your Litify Inbox calendar.


2. Add attendees on the event if necessary. These attendees are automatically added to your Litify Inbox calendar as well.


3. After syncing, your Outlook calendar automatically displays the event. This may take a few minutes.


4. Open the event to see the additional attendees.


Creating Events in Outlook

If the event is associated with a contact, Litify Inbox will automatically associate with the relevant party.

If you are using auto-sync, it will run through the attendees and pick the first one connected to a contact by email, then associate the event with that party.

In this example, we'll add an event to our Outlook calendar, then invite another attendee on the event on our Litify calendar.

1. Visit your Outlook Calendar and create an event.

2. In the People section, add people to the event. Max and Kelene are joining us for the "Call with client" event in this example.

Note: Optionally, you can categorize the event as a Litify event with the Categorize dropdown list.


3. Click Send.

4. Check your Litify calendar for the event. It might take a few minutes for the event to appear on your Litify calendar. 

Note: Notice the timezone is different in the image below than the original event. Events added to calendars respect your user time zone settings.


5. We've added the event to our calendar on Litify. Click the event to see the complete details. The Attendees section contains all people we added to the event on Outlook.

Note: The Related To field is blank in this image. None of the current attendees emails are associated with a party in our Litify organization.


6. Edit any of the details and the Outlook calendar will reflect the changes. In this example, let's add an attendee to the event. The Attendees section on the event page makes this simple. Search for the user, contact, or party in the Attendees field, select one, then click Save.


7. Our Litify and Outlook event now include the new attendee:


Note: In the above image, the Related To field is now populated. The new attendee's email address is associated with a party email address.


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