The managed Litify package includes many custom Lightning Components that you can add to your Lightning Record pages. Components allow you to use Litify Actions, Questionnaires, Time Entries, and many other important features across every Litify product. 

Most Litify components are built for specific products, such as Time Entries on Litify Matters. Some of them are applicable across every product, such as Litify Actions.

Components contain important information about the associated record. For example, the Time Entries component contains the total time entries and cost of all time entries on the matter. 

To add a component to a Lightning Record page, edit the page via the gear in the upper-right corner. Locate all custom components in the Custom section.



Matter Task Due Date Selector (defaultMatterTaskDueDate)

This component contains the Due Date Selector, which lets you determine the due date of the associated matter task. This component only works on Default Matter Task records.


Roles (intakeMatterRoles)

This component contains any roles users have added to this record and related intake or matter records. Roles added to this component at the intake stage carry over to the matter opened from the intake.


 Litify Actions (litifyActions)

This component contains the available Litify Actions on the referral, intake, or matter record.

Matter Team (matterTeam)

This component contains the matter team you have added to the matter. Use this component to add a default matter team and edit the team to tailor it to the current matter. Add matter team members, change members, and remove members.


Questionnaires (multipleQuestionnairesComponent)

This component contains the questionnaires you have added to this intake or matter record. This component contains all questionnaires added to the current record and any associated records.


Matter Stage Container (matterStageContainer)

This component contains the matter stages on the matter plan you have added to this matter.


Time Entries Summary (timeEntriesSummary)

This component displays the total amount of time entries and the total cost of time entries added to the matter. Add time entries and open the stopwatch from this component.


Statute of Limitations (statuteOfLimitations)

This component allows you to set the matter date field, value, and operator on a statute of limitation record. This component is only used on statute of limitations records.


Additional Information

See Salesforce documentation about editing Lightning Record pages for more information about adding these components.


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