Questionnaire Navigation and CQC Rules

This guide describes the data processes that occur when a user navigates a questionnaire. Every CQC rule is checked when a user clicks Next on a questionnaire. The questionnaire must have Check CQC? enabled in Questionnaire Builder.

Clicking Next on a questionnaire node triggers the following:

  1. Questionnaire Output object (litify_pm__Questionnaire_Output__c) is either empty or contains references to previous Question Answer (litify_pm__Question_Answer__c) objects. New Question Answer objects are created. These Question Answer objects are appended to the Questionnaire Output object for this questionnaire. These objects are not saved to Salesforce at this point.
  2. SObject modifications are applied and saved to Salesforce.
  3. Questionnaire determines the next node to visit based on navigation rules.
  4. As part of process 3, the code runs CQC against the Questionnaire Output object and associated Question Answer objects that have been created.
  5. Question_Answer__c objects are saved to Salesforce.
  6. Questionnaire_Output__c object is saved to Salesforce.
  7. Data is passed back to user interface which updates based on next node or cqc trigger.
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