Use the Close Matter Litify Action and select the outcome of the case when it reached its conclusion. If the case began as a referral, this process automatically notifies the originating firm of the closing and any pertinent details about it. Litify Actions keep everyone aware of the changes in a case and update important fields automatically. 

1. Navigate to the matter you are closing. In Litify Actions, click Close Matter.

2. Complete the "Close this Matter" window. Note: we suggest you do not modify any of these picklist values. Modifying these values might cause issues with the LRN sync.

a. Select a Closed Reason. The options are Settlement, Decision, Verdict, Dismissal, Turned Down. This populates the Closed Reason field on the matter. 

b. Select the Closed Reason Sub Status. The options are Favorable, Unfavorable, and Partly Favorable. This field populates the Closed Reason Details field on the matter. Note: If you selected Turned Down, complete the Turn Down Reason field.

c. If you selected Favorable or Partly Favorable, enter the Gross Recovery. This populates the Gross Recovery field on the matter.

d. If you select Unfavorable, complete the Lost Reason field. This populates the Lost Reason field on the matter.

e If you select Other in Turned Down Reason, add other information. This populates the Turn Down Details field. 

f. Click Confirm


3. Once you have closed the matter, the available actions are Notify LRN and Re-open.

a. Notify LRN sends the closing information to Litify Referrals Network. This notifies the originating firm and updates its status to the result of the closed matter on the originating firm's referral. Once you send the information to LRN, you can no longer re-open the matter.

b. Re-open the matter and continue working on the case with this action. This action clears any fields that were populated when you closed the matter: Closed Reason, Closed Reason Details, Gross Recovery. 



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