Litify includes several permission sets in the managed package. These allow Litify to update field and object access to new features before each release. This saves you the time of going through all of your users and changing their profile permissions for every release. For best practices, we suggest you use Permission Sets to fine-tune users' permissions across the entirety of Litify.

Administrators can assign permission sets to users to grant access to specific objects, fields, and Litify Actions.

See the article About Litify Permission Sets for detailed information. 
See the FAQ about the difference between Profiles and Permission Sets.


Here's how:

1. Click the icon1.png  button and navigate to Setup

2. In the Quick Find 
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.38.53 AM.png search for Users and click it. 

3. In the All Users window, locate the user whose permissions you are changing, and click the user's name. 

4. In the User window, hover over Permission Set Assignments to see the user's assignments. Click Edit Assignments


5. To add permissions, select the permission sets from Available Permission Sets and click Add.

To remove permissions, select the permission sets in Enabled Permission Sets and click Remove


6. Click Save. You successfully changed this user's permissions. 

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