What is a Matter Team Role?

Matter Team Role (Matter_Team_Role__c) is a Litify custom object that allows you to define a user's role on a Matter Team. Some common matter team roles are Attorney, Paralegal, and Case Manager. Track data about Matter Team Roles and predefine Matter Team Roles on Matter Teams.

When Should I Create a Matter Team Role?

Create Matter Team Roles when you are creating Matter Teams and adding users to Matters. It's important that you begin tracking Matter Team Roles early, so you can gather reports and accumulate data about the roles on your Matters.

Additionally, you can assign Matter Tasks to Matter Team Roles to structure the organization of your Matters. This automatically assigns the tasks to the right user on the Matter Plan.


Creating a Matter Team Role

  1. Click icon1.png and navigate to Litify Setup.
  2. Click the Matter Team Roles tab. View, organize, edit, delete, and create matter team roles on this page.
  3. Click New. role1.png
  4. Complete the "Create Matter Team Role" window.
    • This includes naming the Matter Team Role.
  5. Click Save

The new role appears with the rest of your matter team roles. Add roles until you have a complete selection of roles for your matter team members.

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