Add groups of Tasks not bound to your Matter Plan as needed throughout a case. A Task Set contains all default Matter Tasks on a stage where the “Task Set” checkbox is marked as true. The same due date rules and functionality are available on Task Sets. 

This guide shows you how to add a Task Set to a Matter Stage.

Adding a Task Set

  1. Navigate to a Matter.
  2. Select the Matter Stage you wish to add the Task Set to.
  3. Click the Add Task Set button. Add task set button.
  4. Scroll through the list that appears, or search for the Sets you wish to add using the Search task sets... bar at the top of this window.
  5. In the Add Task Sets menu that appears, click the caret (^) next to each Set to see which Tasks it contains. Click the caret next to each set you wish to add.
    • The Add Task Set button on the "Create Tasks" window contains all Task Sets you've enabled.
  6. Click Add Task Set next to all Sets you wish to add, then click Next. Click Add task set
  7. On the next page, check the Tasks within the Task Set that you want to add.
    • Here you can also customize the Tasks that you wish to add to a Stage before they're added. Rename Tasks, change who they're assigned to, delete individual Tasks and more. 
  8. Make the necessary adjustments and click Create.

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