Profiles determine a User's general access to Litify. Profiles are not designed to control the entirety of a User's access to Litify. We suggest administrators use Permission Sets to grant complete permissions. See the article About Litify Permission Sets for steps to fine-tune User access.


Two profiles in the managed Litify package

Litify Standard User - general Users with access to important objects, but limited Administrative Permissions and General User Permissions.

Litify Power User - high level of access across all objects, tabs, and settings, including many Administrative Permissions and General User Permissions.

To view complete profile settings, navigate to Setup > Profiles and locate the profile you want to view. Read the article about Litify Profiles.


To change a user's profile:

1. Click the cog icon1.png in the upper-right corner > Setup

2. In the Quick Find Box icon2.png enter Users > Click.

3. Locate the User whose profile you are changing on All Users > click their name. 

4. On the User page, click Edit


5. Select the User's new profile from the Profile dropdown list.  


6. Click Save.

Additional articles:
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See additional Salesforce documents about Profiles for more information. 


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