This guide covers editing individual Tasks. After you have added a Task to a Matter Plan you can edit it at any point. This can help you to remain flexible and keep up with changes in your Matters. You can also mass edit Tasks, set a Task to repeat, or add groups of Tasks (also called Sets) to a Matter Plan.

Editing a Task

  1. Locate the Task you wish to edit and open the Edit Menu.
  2. Find the Task you wish to edit within a Matter Plan, and click the Edit button next to it there. Editing a task from within the matter.
    • Alternatively, you can search for and launch Tasks from the App Launcher. In the window that appears locate the Task you wish to edit, and then click Edit at the top of the page. Searching for edit via app launcher.
  3. In the Task Information section of the Edit Menu, you can:
    • Use the Assigned To field to reassign the Task to any user.
      • This does not reassign all of this user's Tasks to the new user you select. Modify the Matter Team to reassign all Tasks to a new user.
    • Change the Matter that this Task is related to.
    • Change the Task Subject, Status, Priority, and Due Date.
    • Add or change the description in the Comments field.
    • Add a link to a related document.
  4. In the Recurrence and Reminders section you can:
    • Adjust when to be reminded about this Task.
    • Set if you would like this Task to repeat, when, and on what interval.
    • If you want to STOP a Task from repeating, you need to set the dropdown to “Task Closed.”
  5. After making the desired adjustments, click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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