After you have added a matter task you can edit it at any point directly on the matter to keep up with changes in your matters. This guide covers editing individual tasks. You can also mass edit tasks on the task component.

Edit tasks to set a task to repeat or update any fields on the task page layout.

1. Locate the task you are editing on the task component. Click the task name, then click Edit.


2. In this window you can:

a. Reassign the task to any user. This does not reassign all of this user's tasks to the new user you select. Modify the matter team to reassign all tasks to a new user.
c. Click the Set Reminder checkbox to set a reminder date and time. This will notify the user of the upcoming due date on the task.
d. Add or change the description in the Comments field.
e. Change the Status.
f. Change the Priority.


3. Save the task after editing it.

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