Edit the Fields on the Create Party Window

Edit the fields that display on your create individual party window so you can determine exactly which fields users are filling out when creating individual parties. Edit this window according to your firm's practices.

You might want to:

 Add fields beyond the standard packaged fields
 Reorder fields
 Remove fields
 Make fields required


Litify Business Parties

Edit the assigned Litify Business Page Layout to edit the fields displayed when creating business parties.


Litify Individual Parties

1. To edit the fields displayed on the Litify Individual Party creation window, you have to switch to Salesforce classic. In the upper-right corner, click your user image. In the OPTIONS section click Switch to Salesforce Classic.

2. In Salesforce Classic, click Setup in the upper-right corner.

3. Search for Accounts. In the Accounts dropdown list, click Field Sets.


4. Click Edit on the Individual Field Set.



5. On this page there are two boxes. The left box contains all available fields. The right box contains all fields currently in the field set. Drag and drop every item in the left box that you want to add to the right box. You can also remove fields and reorder fields.


6. Hover over the item you added to remove it or edit it.

a. Click the minus button to remove the field from the field set.
b. Click the wrench to set the field as required. This adds a red asterisk next to the field.



7. Once you have added all necessary fields, click Save in the upper-left.

8. Now you need to switch back to Lightning to test your new field. Click your name at the top, and click Switch to Lightning Experience.


9. Navigate to your Create Party window and check for your new field.


You successfully edited the available fields on your Create Account/Party window.

Additional information:
See the complete article about creating parties for more information.


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