The Litify Referral object has 44 custom fields. Consult this table to review them.

Field Label -- the display name of the field on the object
Field Name -- the name of the field, API name
Data Type -- the data type that this field uses
Indexed -- you can perform SOQL query on indexed fields
Description -- a brief description of the field's purpose on Litify

Field Name Data Type  Indexed                 Description                                  
Active Referral Transaction  litify_pm__Active_Referral_Transaction__c Lookup(Referral Transaction) Yes lookup to the current referral transaction record based on the transaction between originating and handling firms
Agreement Name     litify_pm__Agreement_Name__c Text(255)   Custom agreement name decided by originating firm when sending the referral
Agreement Type        litify_pm__Agreement_Type__c Text(255)   type of agreement chosen by originating firm when sending the referral
Case Address 1  litify_pm__Case_Address_1__c Text(255)   primary case address
Case Address 2   litify_pm__Case_Address_2__c Text(255)   additional address information (apartment number)
Case City     litify_pm__Case_City__c Text(255)   city where the case occurred
Case Postal Code       litify_pm__Case_Postal_Code__c Text(255)   postal code where the case occurred
Case State  litify_pm__Case_State__c Picklist   state where the case occurred
Case Type  litify_pm__Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type) Yes type of case
Client Address 1    litify_pm__Client_Address_1__c Text(255)   primary address of the client
Client Address 2  litify_pm__Client_Address_2__c Text(255)   additional information about client's address
Client City  litify_pm__Client_City__c Text(255)   city where the client lives
Client email      litify_pm__Client_email__c Email   client's email address
Client First Name   litify_pm__Client_First_Name__c Text(255)   client's first name
Client Last Name   litify_pm__Client_Last_Name__c Text(255)   client's last name
Client phone  litify_pm__Client_phone__c Phone   client's primary phone number
Client Postal Code    litify_pm__Client_Postal_Code__c Text(255)   client's postal code
Client State          litify_pm__Client_State__c Picklist   client's state
Description  litify_pm__Description__c Long Text Area(131072)   description of the referral
ExternalId  litify_pm__ExternalId__c   Number(18, 0) (External ID) Yes custom Id added to keep track of case
Extra info     litify_pm__Extra_info__c Long Text Area(131072)   Additional information field
Handling Firm   litify_pm__Handling_Firm__c Lookup(Firm) Yes firm that received the referral, now working on the referral
Incident date        litify_pm__Incident_date__c Date Yes the date the case incident occurred
Intake      litify_pm__Intake__c Lookup(Intake)   related intake record if you open an intake from this referral
Investigated at       litify_pm__Investigated_at__c Date/Time   auto-populated field on both outgoing and incoming referral records when handling firm investigates the case
Litify Status  litify_pm__Litify_Status__c Formula (Text)   Litify status ID          litify_pm__Litify_com_ID__c Formula (Text)   auto-generated ID by Litify
LRN Created At  litify_pm__LRN_Created_At__c Date/Time   auto-generated number by Litify
Matter     litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter) Yes related matter record if the referral became an intake then a matter
Originating Firm     litify_pm__Originating_Firm__c Lookup(Firm) Yes firm that sent the referral
Outgoing Expires At    litify_pm__Expires_At__c Date/Time   expiration date on the outgoing referral
Outgoing Is Anonymous  litify_pm__Is_Anonymous__c Checkbox   send a referral as anonymous
Reference Id   litify_pm__External_Ref_Number__c Text(40)   determine an external ID to keep track of a case
Referral Kind  litify_pm__Referral_Kind__c Formula (Text)   kind of referral
Referrals  litify_pm__Referrals__c Formula(Number)    
Signed up at  litify_pm__Signed_up_at__c Date/Time   auto-populated field when the handling firm signs up the intake associated with this referra
Status    litify_pm__Status__c Picklist   status of the referral
Status Description  litify_pm__Status_Description__c Formula (Text)   auto-generated description of the status
Suggested Percentage fee  litif _pm__Suggested_Percentage_fee__c Percent(16, 2)   suggested percentage fee chosen by the originating firm at the time of sending the referral
Sync fail counter  litify_pm__sync_fail_count__c Number(3, 0)   how many times the sync has failed
Sync last updated at  litify_pm__Sync_last_updated_at__c Date/Time   time when the sync last connected with Salesforce
Sync Msg  litify_pm__sync_msg__c Long Text Area(32768)   message associated with the sync status
Sync Status  litify_pm__sync_status__c Picklist   status of the sync
Sync Status Description  litify_pm__Sync_Status_Description__c Formula (Text)   further information about the status of the sync


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