Associating Events Created in Outlook with Litify Records

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Litify Inbox users can create events in either Litify or Outlook, and see them in both places. Creating events in Litify — from the Activity Timeline on an intake, matter, or party record — is suggested best practices, as this will automatically associate the event with that record.


Create an event in Outlook and save it to an intake or matter

Follow these steps to create an event in Outlook and save it to an intake or a matter.

1. Locate an event on your Outlook calendar. Open the event.


2. Select the record where you want to save this event. Click Save.

Note: You can only save an event to one record. The sidebar will not let you select more than one record.



3. Select whether the event is private. Complete the Show Time As field: Busy, Out of office, Free. This determines how other users see you on your calendar at the time of this event.


4. Click Save. If the event was previously saved to a different record, a confirmation window opens displaying the new record that will populate the RelatedTo field on the event.

Note: You can only save an event to one record. Each time you save an event, you must confirm changes to the RelatedTo value. The event is only related to the new selected record.


5. Navigate to the record and locate the event on the Activity Timeline.

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