Welcome to Litify! Follow this guide to learn about the basic processes involved in user management and administration of your Litify org. Read each step and click each link for more detailed information, then proceed to the next step. The links direct you to different parts of this Help Center.

Table of Contents

Note: Some of the information or images in this guide may differ from your org depending on your org's configuration.

Getting Started

1. Logging In 

Log in to Litify to get started. After logging in you will be directed to the Home tab. Read the Introduction to Litify for an introduction to your Litify Dashboard.

2. Add User

Next, navigate to Setup to locate user-administration settings. Click the settings cog in the upper right corner, and click Setup. This section contains most administrative processes on Litify.


3. Manage Users

From Setup and clicking Users, you can now see the list of Users in your org. Add Users, reset user passwords, and deactivate Users on this page.

Read this guide for information about adding Users and assigning them to a Litify license.
Read this article for information about resetting a user's password.
Read this article for information about deactivating a user.


4. Custom Profiles

Create a custom profile to determine the amount of access Users have across Litify. Read this article to create a custom profile to set Field-Level Security, Tab Settings, Record Type Settings, Standard Object Permissions, and Custom Object Permissions for Users.

5. Permission Sets

Admins determine Users' permissions on Litify with Permission Sets. Users can have more than one Permission Set to gain access to different processes across Litify. Permission Sets are managed by Litify, and are periodically updated to include new objects. Read this article for complete information about assigning permission sets.

6. Grant Login Access to Litify Support

Login access gives our support team direct access to any bug you are experiencing. This allows us to look closely at your issues and resolve them. You can determine the amount of time Litify has access to your org. Read this article for complete information about granting login access.

7. Reports

Run reports to gather detailed information about your operations on Litify. View Salesforce documents on reports for more information about this powerful tool.



Additional Information

Check out the other articles in the Admin Guides section for complete information.


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