Inviting partner firms to join Litify Referrals Network is the best way to grow your referral network and expand your business. Send more referrals, receive more referrals, manage referral partnerships, and streamline your referrals processes with partner firms on Litify. 

It's important to invite partner firms because you can only send referrals to firms that are on Litify. You can view data about referral relationships and determine the best firm to send future referrals to when you invite firms to Litify.

You have to create a new referral to invite a firm to Litify.

1. In the upper-right corner of your referrals page, click New

2. Fill out the client information and click Continue

3. In the "Choose a Handling Firm" window, type the firm's name into the Firm field. Scroll down until you locate the + New Firms button, and click it. 


4. The "Invite Firm to Litify" window opens. Fill out the firm's information, set the referral agreement, and click Continue


5. On the "Review and send referral" window, click Send & Invite. Completing this process sends the firm an automated email with a link to view the referral and join Litify.

You've taken the first step toward building your referral network and expanding your referral business. Invite additional firms to continue growing.

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