Customize your Referral Lightning Record Page with additional information and components or simply rearrange your page. You can add any standard Salesforce component or any Litify custom components to your referrals page layout. 

In particular, you might want to add the litifyDocuments component so you can begin compiling documents at the referral stage. Any documents you add at this stage will remain with the case throughout its lifetime on Litify.  

1. Click the setup gear in the upper-right corner, and click Edit Page


2. In Lightning App Builder, locate the litifyDocuments component in the Custom section. Or search for litifyDocuments in the search components bar. 


3. Drag the component onto your page. You can add a Documents tab and place it there or place it anywhere. 


3. Add any additional components or rearrange your page in Lightning App Builder. When you're done, click Save then Back to view your new page layout.

Begin adding documents to your sent and received referrals. These documents remain with the case throughout its lifetime on Litify. Add components and customize your page for your firm's best practices. 

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