Automate Referral Creation Using Process Builder

Process Builder is a simple, powerful workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes on Litify.

One useful process that can make you more efficient is automating referral creation to send cases to partners on the Litify Referral Network (LRN) when fields are updated.

For example, some clients use a process that creates a referral if the Status field on an intake is changed to Referred Out.


Here's how:

1. Visit Salesforce Setup by clicking the gear arp1.png in the upper-right menu in Litify and selecting Setup. Search for Process Builder in the search box on the left sidebar, and select it.

2. The "My Processes" page opens. Click New in the upper-right corner.

3. Name the process "Create a Referral," and select A record changes for when the process will start. Click Save.


4. Process Builder opens and you can visually design your business process. Add an object to start the process. 

a. Click + Add Object. The "Choose Object and Specify When to Start the Process" window opens.
b. Select Intake in the Object dropdown list.
c. Choose to start the process when a record is created or edited. Click Save.


5. Add criteria to the process.

a. Click + Add Criteria to open the "Define Criteria for this Action Group" window.
b. Name the criteria "Intake is Referred Out." 
c. Select Conditions are met for criteria for executing actions.


6. Set the conditions to fire the process. For this example, the process will fire when the intake Status field is changed to Referred Out. Set the rows to the following values:


Field Operator Type Value
Status Is changed Boolean True
Status Equals Picklist Referred Out


7. Set the Conditions to: All of the conditions are met (AND).  Click Save.


8. Back in Process Builder, add an action that creates a referral when the intake Status field changes to Referred Out.

a. Click + Add Action. The Select and Define Action window opens.
b. Select Create a Record in the Action Type dropdown list.
c. Name the action "Create a Referral Record."
d. Select Referral in the Record Type dropdown list. 



9. To create the referral and sync it to the Litify Referral Network, some fields must be populated. You can map fields on the intake to the new referral. Your Fields, Types, and Values should look like this:


Field Type Value
Case Type Reference  litify_pm__Case_Type__c
Client First Name Reference First Name
Client Last Name Reference Last Name
Sync Status Picklist NEW
Handling Firm ID Enter the Record ID of the Handling Firm.*
Originating Firm ID Enter the Record ID of your firm.**
Case State Reference Case State
Description Reference Description
Email Reference Email
Phone Reference Phone
Incident Date Reference Incident Date
Intake Reference Record ID
Record Type ID ID Enter the Record ID of the Record Type for Outgoing Referrals in your org.**

*You can customize this process to automatically set the Handling Firm based on different conditions. For example, send all Automobile Accident cases in Florida to a specific referral partner.

**Locating Record IDs: To locate the Record ID of the Handling Firm, go to the firm’s record page and copy the 18-digit ID in the url. This also works for your firm’s Record ID.

Example: a0Ag000000G6irXEAR

To locate the Record ID of the Outgoing Referrals Record Type for your org, switch to Salesforce Classic and follow these directions.

10. Activate the process.

a. Click Activate in Process Builder.
b. Click Confirm in the “Activate Version” popup window.

You successfully built a process.


Additional Information

To take your Process Builder skills to the next level, view Salesforce’s Trailhead Tutorial: Automate Basic Business Processes with Process Builder.


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