Send an Expired or Turned Down Referral to Another Firm on Referrals Pro

When a firm lets a referral expire or turns it down, you can send it to another firm with the Send Again Litify Action. This action lets you quickly send a referral to a different firm from the referral record. Send the referral again as many times as necessary to find a handling firm that will work the case. 

1. In your Outgoing Referrals, locate the expired turned down case. Its status is "pending." Click the Referral Name. 

2. The referral opens. In Litify Actions, click Send Again.  


3. The “Send this Referral to another Firm?” window opens. Enter the firm’s name, select a required response time, and set the referral agreement. Click Confirm.pasted-image-4.png

You successfully sent this referral to another firm.

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