What are DICE Log records?

DICE Log records are used as an audit trail to know when records were accessed using DICE. They help you accumulate and keep track of data about your DICE queues.


When are DICE Logs created?

Every time a user presses Next on a DICE queue and accesses the next record in a DICE calling list, a DICE Log is created. Each log contains the user who accessed the record, the Record ID of the party record on the intake, and a timestamp of the exact date and time the user accessed the record.

To locate DICE Log records, navigate to the the App Launcher and click Dice Logs.


In the DICE Logs window, you can view, edit, and delete DICE Log records.

On this page you can view:
DICE Log Name - auto-generated name for the DICE Log in numeric ascending order
Record ID - Record ID of the Party record on the intake
Timestamp - the date and time the user accessed the intake record

Click a Dice Log to see more information.


Each Dice Log record page contains the same information, including the user who navigated the calling list and created the log:



Dice Logs are deleted daily

DICE logs are deleted from the system daily.


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