The Check CQC at the top of a node checks the current node questions and all previous nodes for CQC rules. The questionnaire ends when the questionnaire triggers a CQC rule. If you want users to navigate further in the questionnaire when CQC rules fire, set the CQC navigation. CQC navigation overrides the normal navigation rules on the node when a CQC rule fires.

Set CQC Navigation

  1. Click the Check CQC? box.
  2. In the first dropdown list, select the next questionnaire this questionnaire will navigate to if a CQC rule fires. Choose the next node in the current questionnaire if you want users to continue navigating through it as normal.
  3. In the second dropdown list, select the node.


  4. Save the questionnaire.
  5. Navigate the questionnaire that checks CQC. Look for the CQC message when you click Next on the node. Simply click Next to continue navigating the questionnaire with the CQC navigation rules you set.


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