Recommended Litify Inbox Sidebar Settings

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Customize your inbox sidebar to determine your exact settings between Litify and Outlook.

Which objects should appear in the Litify Inbox sidebar?

• Any object you want to save emails/events to
• Any object you want to be able to create
• Any object that is referenced in a lookup field you want to include on a detail view for a different object (e.g., “Sources” lookup on Matters)
• Content Document (File) to allow saving Salesforce Files
• User to allow users to be selected as recipients of email templates
• Email Message to allow saving of enhanced emails to activity timeline
• Events and Tasks to allow display of Activity Timeline and to allow creation of these records


Customize your Litify Inbox sidebar

1. Navigate to Customization.


2. Select Objects in Litify and check them to add them to Objects in SmartCloud Connect.


3. After adding objects to the sidebar, pin them to force the sidebar to display them. Pinning does not enforce the order of the object in the sidebar. You can still rearrange the sidebar after pinning objects. Click the pin so it faces downward to pin objects to the sidebar.


4. Save the changes.


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