Patch Notes 

Latest Version:  19.10005

Release Date:  12/12/2019

Installation URL:

Original Release: 19.10004



Resolved issue where Litify users could not edit/update child events related to a matter they did not create. 

Grant Additional Access to Non-Admin Users (Optional)

The following steps can be applied to any permission set, e.g. Liitify Matter User, IF non-admins need to update records.

1. Update Permissions for Matters Object

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users > Permission Sets.

  2. Select the Litify Matter User permission set. 

  3. Select Object Settings > Matters

  4. Select Edit and enable modify all object permissions.

  5. Save


2. Enable shared settings 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Sharing Settings > Edit

  2. Find the Activity object. 

  3. Select Controlled by Parent in the Default Internal Access dropdown.

  4. Save. 

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