Import matters with matter plans and stages to bring all important case information into Litify. Make sure you have imported the parties that you will use to populate the Client field on your matters. Additionally, if you want these matters to be connected to intakes, you must first import the intakes. This guide uses the Data Loader web application.

1. First, create a CSV file containing all of the fields and data you want to import to Litify. Some of the fields you might want to add include:

Client (lookup to Party using Party ID)
Primary Intake (lookup to Intake using Intake ID)
Case Type (lookup to Case Type Name)
Matter Plan Name (lookup to Matter Plan Name)
• Optionally, you might want to map values to the Created At date to reflect the true date these cases were created. If you do not, the Created At date on all imported matters will be the date you import them.
• Additional information as necessary: Ignore Default Plan field, Originating Attorney field, Source field, Owner field, Status field, Matter Team, Referral field, Stage.

Note: This guide assumes you have built matter plans in your org.

An example of a basic matter import including the matter plan:

2. Open Data Loader. This guide uses the Data Loader desktop app.

3. Log in to your Salesforce org.

4. Click New Task > Import.

5. Select Update, and select the Matter object.

6. Click Next.

7. Select the CSV.

8. Map the fields.

• For Intake ID, select the Primary Intake field
• For Party ID, select the Client field
• For Case Type and Matter Plan, click Lookup via, and select Case Type Name and Matter Plan Name

• Map additional fields as necessary


9. Click Next.

10. Run the import.

11. Check for your successful import, then locate the matters in your Litify org.


Updating Matter Stages after Importing Matters

Once you've imported matters with matter plans, you can now update those matters to different stages:

1. Export the Stage records (litify_pm__Matter_Stage_Activity__c) for the matters you want to edit.


2. Find the rows that you want to fix. The field litify_pm_Matter__c in the exported CSV will be the record ID of a specific Matter. You can use that, or the “Name” field in the CSV, to identify the relevant rows.

3. For the relevant records, change the value of the field litify_pm__stage_status__c from “Active” to “Idle” and save the CSV. In this simple example, let's change the active stage on a single matter. This matter has four stages and we want to update the active stage:


4. Set the desired stage to “Active” for those records.

5. Run an update using Data Loader and this file, matching only the record ID and litify_pm__stage_status__c fields.


6. Navigate to one of the Matters to confirm that the relevant Stage is no longer marked as Active. In this video, we refresh a matter after updating the stage via this process. The stage successfully changed.



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