Litify Inbox Spring '19 Release Notes

Introducing Litify Spring '19 Release. This release includes several new highlights and many fixes across the Litify Inbox platform.


Upgrade Steps

The majority of the highlights listed below will be pushed to your Litify Inbox account automatically overnight on Friday, May 18th. 

However, there is one required setup step detailed in this article.



Start saving emails as soon as you open the Litify Inbox sidebar. Clicking “Save” now immediately pulls up the save dialog, even if no Matters are pre-selected. Search for the right save location from there, without having to click through the search screen first.



Saving attachments to SpringCM is simpler. If you choose to save attachments while saving an email to Litify, they will be saved to the SpringCM root folder for that record. (This folder does have to exist for the selected record.)



•  Add attendees from Litify to events owned by others. Want to create an event on a coworker’s calendar, but add yourself and others as attendees? Now you can add attendees to any Litify event that you have permission to edit. This requires setup in this article.

Know what emails are saved to Litify faster. Users with the locally installed add-in (MSI version) will see the "Litify" category applied in Outlook immediately.

• Smart Actions including meeting schedulers and email templates are now located at the bottom of the sidebar, eliminating clutter while making them more accessible. Redesigned interfaces for each action now make them faster to use.

• Emails that only include people within the firm can now be saved the same as other emails. The distinction between internal vs. external emails is now gone.

• New “Smart Description” feature lets you include fields from Litify records in an Event description (

• For firms using SSO login, Litify Inbox can now pre-configure an SSO login URL. (Can be set up by Invisible support for each firm individually.)

Other Changes

• Improved attachments saving: now email attachments with names containing reserved characters \:*?/"<>| are properly handled to be shared in Litify; previously, such attachments were not saved in Litify, with no error message.
• User interface consistency improvement: now custom objects' icons are always displayed correctly in different windows of the sidebar.
• Improved meeting attendees retrieval stability by fixing a specific issue that occurred when an invited user was inactive or inaccessible.
• Fixed an issue with processing events in the uncommon Turks And Caicos Standard Time time zone.
• Various improvements to sync stability.
• Fixed error that made it impossible to copy and paste into Description field while creating a record via Inbox sidebar.
• Fixed a specific issue that disabled email Subject line automatic shortening on email auto-sharing.
• An extra line break is no longer added to an email message's Body/HTML body fields when the message is shared in Litify.
• Fixed an issue that prevented "Email" field prefilling when the "New Litify Individual Party" button was clicked on an unresolved contact's card.
• Related Individual Parties are no longer retrieved based on email address domain.
• Fixed a specific issue with unexpected saving of the Email field content after "Continue editing" is clicked in the corresponding window.
• Fixed an issue with party email field being prefilled with an empty value in the corresponding dialog.
• User interface improvement: fixed an issue with record names falling out of borders of the Related to, Name, and some other fields in the Sidebar's dialog windows.
• Cosmetic change: improved text layout in lookup field search results.
• [Desktop implementations] User interface cosmetic improvements - the icons in the upper right corner of the cards detailed view window no longer overlap with other elements.
• [Desktop implementations] Fixed an issue that caused infinite Add-In loading ("Processing...") on clicking the "Go to previous page" link after logging in to Litify.
• [MS Outlook for Android implementation] fixed an issue with creating new objects from the Sidebar using the "+", "Create new?", or "New {Record type}" buttons.
• Fixed an issue with using of entered meeting data with Share Calendar Availability Litify templates - now generated email message contains selected time spans, as designed.
• Sidebar's bottom segment layout improvements: fixed several Sidebar controls overlapping issues in both Adaptive and Classic views.
• Fixed an issue with sharing of all-day events from MS Outlook: now all-day events do not belong to the auto-sync scope; previously, they were causing a sync issue on auto-sharing.
• [Outlook for Mac] Now exporting Customization settings to a file works as designed in the Sidebar installed on MS Outlook for Mac.
• Cosmetic user interface improvement: added extra space between information rows in email message cards' headers.
• Fixed a spontaneous issue that caused displaying of objects' cards parsed from previously selected email on the Sidebar's home screen.
• Fixed an issue that caused an empty line being added to the Email/Event body in Litify if Magic Pixel had been inserted into the email.
• Fixed an issue with updating the description of a separate appointment/meeting in a series of recurring calendar items; now, if you update/change the description of an individual item in a series in MS Outlook, it will be updated correspondingly in Litify.
• Fixed an issue that made it impossible to remove a picklist item from a record's card by clicking the X icon next to it.
• Now the "Include internal emails into search" setting is properly applied right after pushing customization settings; previously, it required Sidebar re-logging in order to be activated.
• A cosmetic improvement of Litify user interface: removed the background grey stripes from the sidebar's widgets.
• Fixed a specific issue which prevented retrieval of related accounts by Litify initial search under certain circumstances, with the strict search customization setting enabled.
• In Version 1.5 update, when saving emails linked to multiple records, certain Parties and Individuals were excluded from the related records list for linking selection, even if those records had been marked prior to clicking "Save." Now this issue is fixed.
• Increased customization management stability: fixed a randomly occurring issue with applying customizations when fields/associations queries were cancelled by timeout.
• Fixed an issue with calendar availability links compatibility with iOS browser, so now they can be opened properly in this browser.
• Fixed a discrepancy between items selected in the Sidebar using the checkboxes and items included in the "Save email as activity" dialogs "Related to" field that was occasionally observed. -- fix
• Now, we prevent the generation of non-functioning Share Calendar Availability link if MS Exchange is inaccessible. An error notification appears.
• Fixed a sync issue that occurred on processing emails with a body containing more than 32k characters.
• Fixed a specific issue with SSO authorization page access on new users' first logon.
• Resolved an issue which caused multiple notification being sent out by Litify on uploading of every attachment, including tiny images.
• [desktop implementations] Fixed an issue with Magic Pixel insertion which was causing cursor location switching to the first message line, scrambling typed text.
• Fixed an issue with the sidebar which was making it impossible to edit party descriptions.
• Increased shared calendars' stability by fixing a specific issue with retrieving Calendar Owner Email on calendar item sharing in Litify.
• Now relevant previous communication data is properly retrieved by the Add-In for emails opened in compose, as designed.
• Fixed a specific issue with shared calendars which caused an error on saving an email from a shared mailbox in Litify.
• Ensured auto-sharing of recurring calendar items series which existed prior to Litify Inbox setup by fixing corresponding sync parameters.
• Solved a specific issue where emails' bodies were truncated on saving to Litify.
• Fixed an issue connected to the "Allow create" setting that made it impossible to save email attachments as Salesforce Content Document file; they were saved as Attachment objects instead. Now saving attachments works as designed.
• Fixed an issue with Auto-save all emails in threads, now it works as designed: all new email messages are properly shared in Litify.
• Fixed a specific issue that disabled the checkbox "Auto-save all emails in this thread" in the "Save email as Activity to Litify" after customization reapplying.
• Fixed an issue which was causing calendar reminders to get triggered when past events were synced from Litify to Outlook.


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