This is the first minor release after the Take Action Release. This release includes updates and fixes from the Take Action Release.
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Release date: 10/17/2018

Task Table and Matter Plan
• Added support for events on task table (beta) as an optional component setting.
• Added support to group custom closed task statuses with completed tasks on task table.
• Added user photo next to assignee name on task table.
• Added optional setting to hide the Repeat column.
• Added optional setting to default the task table as collapsed or expanded on page load.
• Added icon for task type to task table.
• Added call to action to add tasks to task table if none are yet created for the record.
• Added confirmation message when changing stages on the matter plan.
• Improved how tasks display on the component to group completed tasks at bottom of the table.
• Improved what tasks display when first loading the task table component to display all closed tasks from current stage and all open tasks on the matter.
• Improved default filter when loading the All Tasks tab, and removed toast message.
• Improved confirmation message when updating tasks from task table.
• Improved error handling on task table so messages are more user friendly.
• Improved styling of matter plan buttons and chevrons.
• Improved placement of Guidance to Success on component.
• Improved behavior of Mark Stage Complete to progress to the next stage immediately.
• Fixed issue where action menu items were cut off from view on task table.
• Fixed issue where the lookup for assignee was loading too slow when adding default matter tasks to a matter.
• Fixed issue where task table threw an exception when loading on Spring ‘18 salesforce versions.
• Fixed issue where tasks were not sorting by due date correctly.

Roles and Advanced Search
• Added Save and New button to the modal used to create new records from related lists on the roles component.
• Added support for formula fields on related lists displayed on roles component.
• Added Record Home action to action menu on roles component.
• Added support to view the human readable name for records with auto-number name when creating related records from roles component.
• Added ability to search by any field included on search layout when using custom lookup component type-ahead and advanced search.
• Added ability to begin advanced search by pressing enter on keyboard when the lookup field is active.
• Added a loading spinner to display while loading data into custom lookup component.
• Added support for formula fields with hyperlinks when viewing on type-ahead and advanced search. 
• Improved error handling on roles component so messages are more user friendly.
• Improved behavior roles creation to support different values for Additional Traits based on the record type of the role.
• Improved styling of custom lookup to be same size when empty and when populated.
• Fixed styling issue when roles component is placed on side-rail of a lightning app record page.
• Fixed issue where currency fields were not displaying on related lists for roles component.
• Fixed issue where advanced search was too small if accessing from a related record on roles component.
• Fixed issue where accounts with Person Account record type could not be created from roles component.
• Fixed issue where validation messages did not display nicely.

• Added new fields to the matter object:

• Added Court field on the Matter.
• Added Opposing Party field on the Matter.
• Added Fees Due to Others field on the Matter.

• Improved Matter Team component.

• Improved button styling and brand colors on Matter Team component.
• Improved component height so values from lookups are visible.

• Updated behavior of field on Request object.

• Updated Request Type field on Request object to be an unrestricted pick list.

• Matters Quick Search (beta)
• Improved Task reporting.

• Updated Total Calls logic to count to included tasks with either type or subtype of Call.
• Updated Last Called At logic to count to included tasks with either type or subtype of Call.

• Improved Questionnaire component.

• Improved button styling and brand colors on questionnaire component.
• Fixed issue where question sets with no questions were not displaying the Next button.

• DICE: Display the number of records remaining in a DICE queue from DICE component.
• Questionnaire Toolkit: Fixed issue where users could map text questions to unsupported fields like auto-number read-only fields.


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