Salesforce Chatter on Litify gives users the tools to communicate, share, and collaborate across the entirety of Litify. Chatter is a built-in social network that allows you to determine the exact posts that appear in your Chatter feed. Additionally, Chatter and Litify Docs allow you to compile and maintain case documents together. This guide walks you through the basic setup requirements to enable Chatter in your org. This guide is primarily for administrators.

The Chatter feed shows the display name of the intake or matter. Make sure to fill out the Display Name field to make sure this populates on Chatter.

This is an introduction to Chatter on Litify. For complete information about Chatter, see Salesforce documentation.



Add the Chatter Components
Follow a record to track its changes in Chatter
Navigate to the Chatter Tab
Determine what the Chatter Feed Displays
Edit Chatter Email Settings
Chatter and Litify Docs


Add the Chatter components to your intake and matter lightning record pages

1. Navigate to an intake record. Click  in the upper-right corner, and click Edit Page.

2. In Standard Objects, locate the Chatter Feed and Chatter Publisher components and drag them onto your page layout. Click Save.

3. The Chatter component displays on your intake record page. Simply click the Share an update... field to add a message, document, or other information to the Chatter feed. Then, click Share.


Repeat this process on a matter to ensure that Chatter is enabled on your matters.


Follow a record to track its changes in Chatter

Navigate to a record you want to follow. In the upper-right corner, click the +Follow button. Now all of the updates to this record will display in your Chatter feed. Additionally, you can choose to receive email updates that contain any Chatter activity on this intake or matter.



Navigate to the Chatter tab to view all of your Chatter information

Click col3.png to the left of the toolbar and select Chatter in All Items. This requires permissions. If you do not see this option, contact an administrator to enable Chatter permissions in your profile. See these articles about permission sets, managing permission set assignments, and profiles.


On this page, you can view updates to records you follow in the What I Follow section, communications other users have directed at you in the To Me section, and Chatter Feed items you have bookmarked in the Bookmarked section.



Determine the field updates your Chatter Feed displays

In Setup you can customize the exact fields the chatter feed tracks and displays.

1. Navigate to Setup. Click col6.png in the upper-right, and click Setup.

2. In Quick Find, search for Feed Tracking and click it.

3. Select each object and determine the fields you want to track on that object. Chatter feed displays any changes to the fields you track. For example, you might want to track the Status field on the intake and matter object, so the Chatter Feed displays any status updates.


4. At the bottom of the field options, locate the All Related Objects checkbox. Checking this ensure the Chatter Feed displays updates to all related objects. Checking this box might add too many records to your Chatter Feed. For example, your feed will now display all Question Answer records. So make sure you want to have a complete and crowded feed before checking this box.


5. Click Save once you have chosen the fields you want your Chatter Feed to track.


Edit Chatter Email Settings

Within Chatter setup, click Email Settings. Determine your org's Chatter Email Settings. Save your settings.



Chatter and Litify Docs

Chatter and Litify Docs can be used together to collaborate on gathering and maintaining case documents. When you upload a doc to a chatter feed, the doc is stored with the Litify Docs of that record. If you want everyone to be aware of a new document on a case, upload it to the record's chatter feed so everyone following the record sees it and it stores on Litify Docs.

-When you upload a doc directly to Litify Docs, the document is not displayed in Chatter.
-If a Chatter attachment is deleted, the related Litify Doc record is deleted as well.
-Mobile: you can add chatter files via mobile access as well. Review the supported file types.


Additional Information

Read these articles for further information about Chatter. See complete Salesforce documentation about Chatter.


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