Create email templates to streamline your emailing process and send consistent emails with the same template from records.

Additionally, this is the second step in the Litify Sending Questionnaires guide.

1. Navigate to Setup > Email > Email Templates.

2. Click New Template.


3. Choose Text as your template type. Click Next.

4. Select Unfiled Public Email Template, and check Available for Use.

5. Name the email template “Questionnaire Email.”

6. The email template name auto-populates Template Unique Name.

7. Description: “The email template used to send out intake questionnaires.”

8. Subject: {!litify_pm__Intake__c.Questionnaire_Subject__c}

9. Email Body:

Intake questionnaire for {!litify_pm__Intake__c.litify_pm__Client__c}:
Note: This email body is just a suggestion, feel free to customize this message however you’d like while including these fields.

10. Click Save.


You successfully created an email template.

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