Create matter task types so you can organize default matter tasks by type and accumulate data about the types of tasks users are completing. Use task types on default matter tasks and time entry records.

  1. Navigate to the Task Types tab in Litify Setup. Here you can: sort, edit, delete, and create task types on the Task Types page.
  2. Click New. img50.png
  3. Enter information on the "Create Task Type" window.
  4. Name the Task Type.
  5. Add a description for the Task Type.
  6. Select the Uniform Task-based Management System ID.
    • This is an optional field used in marketing.
  7. Select the UTBMS Code.
    • This is an optional field used in marketing.img51.png
  8. Click Save.
  9. Create as many task types as you need to organize your default Matter Tasks.

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