Common questions about Calendar Rules on Litify:

• How much is a Calendar Rules account to support the integration?

The cost of this integration is based on the number of jurisdictions you subscribe to on Calendar Rules. Visit Calendar Rules to get a quote for the exact cost.

• Will the events/rules appear on both Outlook and Salesforce calendar?

Yes, based on users' settings. See this article for information about Outlook and Salesforce sync.

• Can the “Trigger Date” for Calendar Rules be tied to a date or datetime field on the Matter, or must it always be manually entered?

The Trigger Date must be entered manually.

• What type of records are associated with Calendar Rules?

This feature generates standard event records and adds them to the matter owner's calendar.

• Why can't I see events I added to my calendar?

Calendar Rules Events are only added to the matter owner's calendar.


Additional Information

See additional FAQ from Calendar Rules.


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