The packaged Litify Party object contains these custom fields.

This table:
Field Label -- the display name of the field on the object
Field Name -- the name of the field, API name
Data Type -- the data type that this field uses
Indexed -- you can perform SOQL query on indexed fields
Description -- a brief description of the field's purpose on Litify


Field Label Field Name Data Type Description
Date of birth litify_pm__Date_of_birth__c Date party's date of birth
Email litify_pm__Email__c Email party's email address
First Name litify_pm__First_Name__c Text(255) party's first name
Gender litify_pm__Gender__c Picklist party's gender
Last Called At litify_pm__Last_Called_At__c Date/Time timestamp of last time a call was logged to this party
Last Emailed At litify_pm__Last_Emailed_At__c Date/Time timestamp of last time an email was logged to this party
Last Name litify_pm__Last_Name__c Text(255) party's last name
Phone Home litify_pm__Phone_Home__c Phone party's home phone number
Phone Mobile litify_pm__Phone_Mobile__c Phone party's mobile phone number
Phone Other litify_pm__Phone_Other__c Phone additional phone number for the party
Phone Work litify_pm__Phone_Work__c Phone party's work phone number
Salutation litify_pm__Salutation__c Picklist salutation for the party
SLA litify_pm__SLA__c Picklist  
Social Security Number litify_pm__Social_Security_Number__c Text (Encrypted)(175) encrypted field containing party's ssn
Total Calls litify_pm__Total_Calls__c Number(18, 0) total calls logged on this party record
Total Emails litify_pm__Total_Emails__c Number(18, 0) total emails logged on this party record


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