Many Tasks change throughout the lifetime of a case. Mass editing helps you keep up with those changes on multiple Tasks at once.

You can update the Color, Due Date, Assignee, Status, or Priority of several Tasks on a Matter at the same time.

Mass Editing Tasks

  1. Navigate to a Matter and locate the Task component on a Matter Stage. Locating the task component.
  2. Click the checkboxes to the left of each task you want to edit. 
    • Click the box at the top of the row to edit all Tasks in that Stage. Selecting tasks you wish to change
  3. In the Update Selected Rows window that appears, select which field(s) you would like to edit. These include: Color, Due Date, Assignee, Status, or Priority. Update fields
  4. Make changes to the desired field(s).
  5. Click Apply and confirm the changes.

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