Pass Navigation Back to Previous Node Settings

When building questionnaires, you have the option to pass navigation back to previous node. This article covers the considerations about this setting.

Pass navigation back to previous node means that the questionnaire will use the navigation logic from the node the user was on prior to the current node (prior to the node with that option checked). This occurs when no navigation rules from the current node are triggered.

Think of this setting as a driveway to turn around in when you hit a dead end. You have arrived at a destination and need to turn around to take a different route. In questionnaires, you have arrived at a questionnaire node to gather additional information, and now you need to turn around to navigate to a different questionnaire.



Why would you want to pass navigation to previous nodes?

Some reasons you might want to pass navigation back to previous node:

-You have a questionnaire that many other questionnaires navigate to with navigation rules. For example, a short questionnaire to gather treatment details (but only if you are having/had treatment). Since you can get to this questionnaire from many different places, creating navigation rules to take you back to where you’re going would be very complex. Use this setting to navigate directly back to the previous node.

-In this image, three questionnaires lead to "Treatment Questionnaire" based on a "Yes" answer to "Are you receiving treatment


-The previous node contains complex navigation logic.
-The possibility of a CQC rule firing which takes you to another node or questionnaire based on the CQC path — for example to ask an extra conditional question.
-The necessity to respect the original navigation logic after asking that question.
-Cases where multiple questionnaires may take you to the same place based on a CQC rule firing. This way, the navigation for the relevant questionnaire is respected even though you might be able to reach a node from either the Auto Accident or Animal Incident questionnaires.


What happens in questionnaire navigation when I select this option?

1. Let's say we're on Node 4 of a questionnaire. When users click Next on this questionnaire node, the questionnaire first checks the navigation rules on the node. If any navigation rules trigger, then that navigation occurs even if you have "Pass navigation back" checked. If no navigation rules trigger, then questionnaire navigation checks the navigation rules of the previously-accessed node (Node 3).

Note: This does not direct users to Node 3. The questionnaire checks Node 3's navigation rules behind-the-scenes without directing users to Node 3. Users see Node 4 the entire time this process occurs.

2. If any navigation rules trigger on the previous node (Node 3), then the questionnaire follows that navigation path. If no navigation rules trigger on that node (Node 3), then the questionnaire ends. If no navigation rules trigger on that node (Node 3) and that node also has the "Pass navigation back" setting enabled, then the questionnaire checks the rules from the node previous to that one (Node 2).

3. The questionnaire continues checking navigation rules of previous nodes until it hits a node that does not have the "Pass navigation back" setting checked. If the questionnaire has hit a node without this setting and has also not triggered any navigation rules, then the questionnaire ends. If at any point in this process the questionnaire hits a navigation rule, then that navigation rule triggers.



If you check the "Check CQC?" box on a node and a CQC rule triggers, then the navigation follows the CQC navigation path. Questionnaire navigation always follows the "Check CQC?" setting first, followed by the node's navigation rules, followed by the "Pass navigation back" setting.

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