Build a process to send an email automatically. One use case for this is when your intake agents need an easy way to send questionnaire data to another member. This is the fourth step in the Sending Questionnaires Guide.

1. Navigate to Setup > Process Automation > Process Builder.

2. Click New to create a new process.

3. Name the process “Sending Questionnaires,” and have the process start when a record changes.


4. Click Add Object, and select Intake as your starting object.


5. Click Add Criteria.

a. Name your criteria “Email Recipient is populated.”
b. Execute when conditions are met.
c. In Set Conditions, select the Questionnaire Recipient field.


d. Operator: Is Changed.
e. Type: Boolean.
d. Value: True.
e. Keep it at All of the conditions are met, and click Save.  

Define Criteria window:

6. Add an action to the process.

a. Choose Email Alert.
b. Name the alert “Send Email with Questionnaire.”
c. select Send_Questionnaire_Email_Alert. Create this alert with this guide.

7. Add an additional action.

a. Select Update Records.
b. Name it “Clear Recipient Value.”
c. In the Record Type field: Select the Intake__c record that started your process.


d. Select No Criteria for updating this record.
e. Field: Questionnaire Recipient.
f. Type: Global Consent.
g. Value: $GlobalConstantNull.
h.  Click Save




8. Back in Process Builder, click Activate and Confirm the activation.

To learn more about Process Builder, see Salesforce trailhead.

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