Edit custom Litify Intakes and Matters apps to add utility bar items such as the Stopwatch, My Matters list view, and DICE. This guide covers editing the Litify Intakes app to add the My Matters list view.



Here's how:

1. Navigate to Setup > App manager > Litify Intakes or Matters and click Edit on the lightning app. Optionally, edit an app called Litify which includes Matters and Intakes. This varies depending on your organization configuration.


2. Within App Settings, click the Utility bar tab. Click Add and select List View.


3. Complete Utility Item Properties.

a. Change the Label to My Matters.
b. Select any icon.
c. Set the panel width and height.


4. Complete the Component Properties section.

a. In Object, select Matter.
b. In Filter, select My Matters.
c. Select the number of records to display.
d. Click Save.


5. Check your Litify Intakes app to see the new My Matters list view. This gives you direct access to all matters you own so you can quickly navigate to them.



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