Release Notes

New Features 

  • Party records now have a Calculated Age field. This field automatically displays the party’s age in years based off of the Date of Birth field. This field can be seen on intakes, questionnaires, parties, and matters.
  • Advanced Search now supports up to 9 default filter settings for faster, more targeted search. Defaults can be set globally, per-profile, and per user. Check out the new User Guide and Admin Guide for this feature.


  • Display Names for Intakes and Matters now include calculated fields to prioritize relevant, human-readable data. Admins can define what fields get surfaced in the search results (e.g., contact info, case type, etc). 
    • Existing customers must first navigate to Setup > Workflow Rules > and select Deactivate on the following workflows:
      • Update Matter Display Label
      • Update Matter Intake Label
  • Custom fields added to Account/Party records marked as required are now respected upon new record creation; a user can no longer save a new party with just the First Name and Last Name.
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