Set an individual task to repeat over a designated time period daily, weekly, or monthly. All recurring tasks are created at once with this method. You can only use this feature when you are creating standard tasks. Active tasks and default matter tasks do not support this functionality. To repeat default matter tasks, follow this article.

In this guide, we'll create a Follow Up with Client task and set it to occur every three weeks for a six month period.

1. On the toolbar, click the Tasks tab and click New Task.

2. On the "New Task" window, scroll down to Additional Information and check Create Recurring Series of Tasks.


3. In the Frequency field, choose to set the task to occur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

4. In the Repeat field, select how often this task will be repeat based on the frequency.

• Options for daily, weekly, and monthly: Every, Every Other, and Custom
• Options for yearly: Specific Date, Relative Date



• If you choose custom, select the exact intervals for this recurring task in the Every field:


5. In the Repeat On field, select the day of the week on which this task is due. 


5. Select the Start Date and End Date for this recurring set of tasks.

• Click Calculate Latest Date to select the latest allowable date for this recurring task.


6. Click Save once you have completed all fields.

7. Click the task to review the Create Recurring Series of Tasks field. You cannot edit this field.


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