Release Notes

Release Date: Feb 20th, 2020


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New Features

Parties Component

There’s a new custom lightning component you can add to intakes and matters to quickly add, edit, and organize parties + roles. This component improves the workflow for adding these records to a matter and removes the need to use multiple quick links or tabs.

  • Admin Guide (this guide contains optional config that can be done after consuming the latest core release)
  • User Guide

Clone Matter Plans Button

Users can now clone matter plans to create varying tracks for the same general case types.

Note: matter plans and case types should still have a 1:1 relationship, so remember to create a new case type to differentiate “NY Auto Accident” vs “NC Auto Accident.”

Upgrade Steps

Litify Admins should install the Latest Release and follow the 20.2002 Parties Release Config Guide to use these new features.


Matter Plan Tasks

  • Improved error messaging when saving Matter Plan Task with a blank Assignee field
  • Prevented users without proper permissions from editing the Assignee field in the Add Task Set modal
  • Prevented dropdowns in the Add Task Set modal from being cut off by limited space
  • Made Matter Plan table header sticky to maintain filter context and ability to add tasks when scrolling through a long list of tasks
  • Resolved record query limit of 200 when loading Matter Plan Tasks
  • Resolved an issue which could lead to tasks being auto-added when their stage was active despite this setting being disabled
  • Resolved an issue where certain Matter Plan Stages could not be activated
  • Resolved an issue where the Matter Plan Stage was not assigned upon auto-creation of Matter Plan Tasks, leading to the incorrect user being assigned

User Interface (UI)


  • Resolved component error on creation of Insurance records from within the Role creation interface
  • Net Attorney Fee values from the Settlement Calculator now map to the corresponding field on the Matter
  • Resolved an issue which prevented updating the Settlement/Verdict Amount after updating the Attorney Fee % within the Settlement Calculator

Known Issue (Minor)

  • For Litify Settings App > Auto-Add Task: i​​​​​f only the “Auto-add tasks to active Matter Plan stage” toggle is ON when a parent task is completed on the task table, its child tasks or dependent tasks will not automatically add. This issue will be resolved in a future release. 
    • If only the "Auto-add tasks when relevant dates are known" toggle is ON, this issue does not occur.
    • If both toggles are ON, this issue does not occur.
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